Cushions & Comfort

Cushions & Comfort

Enjoy support and relief in bed, while sitting or when reclining with specialised cushions, pillows and comfort products.

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Lumbar Half-Roll - Memory Foam

Part Round Lumbar Roll Half round lumbar support. Compact and portable. Washable black velour cover with adjustable strap. Suitable for all seating, including car seats. Foam construction with memory foam wrap. Width:  340mm Depth (..

Ring Cushion - Convoluted PU Foam

Foam Ring Cushion Oval shaped foam cushion with convoluted foam top. Designed to reduce pressure on the perineal region. Provides relief for haemorroid sufferers. Washable soft blue vinyl cover.   Dimensions: Length Wid..

Side Wedge Cushion

Comfort Wedge Pillow Soft memory foam wedge cushion. Removable black velour cover. Multi use cushion to relieve pressure build up in areas such as heels, elbows, breasts, backs, etc. Supports abdominal area when side sleeping. Appropriate f..

Wheelchair Cushion - Dual Layer

Memory Foam Comfort Cushion Dual foam base with an upper layer of memory foam. Designed to relieve pressure build-up when seated. Suitable for all chairs. Lightweight and portable. Washable soft vinyl cover.   Dimensions: ..

Ring Cushion - Molded PU Foam

- durable molded memory foam - centre "donut hole" for coccyx relief - removable fabric cover (black)470mmW x 375mmD x 65H...

Swivel Cushion - Solid Base, PU Foam

This round foam cushion covered by a soft fabric is a comfortable and clever way to assist someone to move into or out of a seat easily. Especially useful for car seats, the cushion is mounted on a plastic base and enables the user to swivel in p..

Wedge Cushion - PU Foam

- medium density PU foam - removable "cut-out" for coccyx relief - removable vinyl & fabric cover (black)435mmW x 340mmD x 75mmH..

Wheelchair Cushion - PU & Gel

- PU foam cushion with gel (bag) insert - comfort & support with cooling gel - nylon & vinyl cover (black/grey)465mmW x 405mmD x 80mmH...

Wheelchair Cushion - PU & Memory Foam

- dual layer PU foam & memory foam - contoured for increased comfort - removable soft-vinyl cover (black)450mmW x 415mmD x 85mmH...

Wheelchair Cushion - PU Foam

- medium density PU foam - a light-weight comfortable cushion - removable fabric cover (black)455W x 405D x 80mmH...