"It Stays" TM Body Adhesive

"It Stays" TM Body Adhesive

It Stays! (TM)    will hold up almost anything that slips on skin

Support and surgical compression stockings/garments

• Surgical and orthopaedic belts and devices

Men’s and women’s socks – knee highs, nylons

• Shoulder straps

• Wigs and toupees

• Theatrical makeup and devices

• Dance wear

• Or anything else you want to stay put!

It Stays! (TM) is so flexible, you will never know it’s there.

Roll-on applicator applies fixative with ease – no mess, no fuss.

Gentle to skin, odourless and washes off easily in warm water.

It Stays! (TM) hypo-allergenic roll-on body adhesive helps stockings stay in place securely and comfortably. 

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Class 2 grade compression knee high stockings.Available in both Normal and Plus sizes which are 42 -..