Trying to pick up a dropped cane can be a problem.  Every cane should have one of these ...

Help prevent your cane from falling over with a cane holder or tri/quad tip.

Keep both hands free with a wrist strap.

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Alpha WC-TIP-119 Cane Tip 19mm

Cane Tip - 19mm Suitable for both wooden & Aluminium canes with a 19mm diameter shaft. Molded from PU rubber. ..

Cane Tips (13mm or 16mm)

1x 16mm Cane Tip - $9.95.4x 13mm Cane Tips - $7.60.Standard canes are usually 19mm...

Walking Cane - Wrist Strap

Wrist Strap for Walking Canes Allows User to freely utlise both bands whilst keeping the cane close & easily accessible. Elastic fixing loop fits over the base of the cane & slides up to the neck of the cane to secure in place. ..

Walking Cane Holder for Rollator

Walking Cane Holder Cane holder that fits to most walking aids with 25mm tubing. Simply place the base of the cane in the lower cup & snap the cane into the top clip. Suits a variety of Rollators, Wlakers, Walking Frames & Wheelchair..

Walking Cane Holder, Frog

Frog Cane Holder Easy to attach to walking canes up to 19mm diameter. Designed to hold walking cane upright on table, desk or flat horizontal surface area. Can also be wedged underneath tables. Foam pads ensure a good grip and protect surfa..

Alpha WC-TIP-3 Tri-Leg Cane Tip

Fits on to standard 19mm walking cane tips to provide extra stability. ..

Alpha WC-TIP-4 Quad-Leg Cane Tip

Fits standard 19mm walking canes, providing extra support to the base of your cane...

Reflective Cane Holder

Rest your cane on any flat surface. The arm folds flat when not in use to expose the reflector for night time visibility.The holder easily clips on and fits most canes...

Switch Stick Cane Tip (choice of colours)

Select from the wide range of colours to refresh your favourite Switch Stick..

Switch Stick Carry Bag (Black)

A nylon water-resistant carry bag for switch stick walking canes and may fit other folding walking canes...