Special & Seat Canes

Special & Seat Canes

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Arthritis Walking Cane (palm handle - left or right hand)

Light weight aluminium canecontoured arthritic / palm gripsavailable in both left & right handcan reduce hand / grip pressurefull range of height adjustments19mm rubber cane tipApproximate Product Weight: 380g.Height: 700-930mm.Maximum User W..

Seat Stick - Switch Stick (3 designs)

The Switch Stick 'Seat Sticks' are an exciting combination of a walking stick and a foldable seat, they come in three colour pattern options - Bubbles (multi-coloured), Storm (purple), or Kensington (brown).The seat and legs fold out for you to s..

Ta-Da Chair

Ta-Da® is a versatile mobility aid that simultaneously provides the user with a walking stick for support and a seat for resting.This design, which instantly converts a cane into a chair, offers rest for tired legs and knees at a moment's no..