Signature Life

Signature Life

Signature Life is an upmarket range of mobility products available only to designated dealers.

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Assurance Car Handle - by Signature Life

The Signature Life Assurance Car Handle slides into the striker of almost any car door, and places the handle right where you need it for maximum support to help you in and out of your vehicle.It weighs less than half a kilogram and supports user..

Confidence Bed Handle by Signature Life

Anyone that uses a cane, walker or rollator can benefit from using a bed rail.  Whether you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, or just need a helping hand to stand, the Signature Life Confidence Bed Handle is discrete, yet ..

Elite Travel Rollator by Signature Life

The Signature Life Elite Travel Rollator is unique, compact and lightweight rollator which is easy to transport.It Features:Compact and Portable      -    Folds 3-times smaller than an average rollatorLightweight &am..

Independence Tray Table - by Signature Life

The Independence Tray Table swivels has a large oversized banboo tray which pivots 360o so you can slide it out of the way and swivels to adjust to the perfect angle.   It blends in with your living room like another piece of furni..

Sleep Safe Bedrail by Signature Life

Did you know that the second most common place for falls, after the bathroom, is the bedroom?  And most of those fall occur while you are sleeping?  The extending feature of the Signature Life Sleep Safe Bed Rail can help prevent those ..

Sure Stand Security Pole by Signature Life

With its tension mounted design, The Sure Stand Security Pole can help when you need to stand, anywhere in your house.  It can be installed in any room without drilling hoes in your floor or ceiling.   Because the handles are able ..